Title: Production

Barry has produced recordings for many Canadian jazz artists.  His experience in the recording studio, knowledge of studio technology plus his ability to communicate ideas between the artist and the recording engineer, have made him a popular choice for overseeing a wide range of jazz recording projects.  His production credits include Mike Murley’s Juno Award winning CD Live at The Senator, (Cornerstone Records Inc. CD113) plus many other award-winning albums. The list includes the following:

2012 Murley-Bickert-Wallace Test of Time Cornerstone


Canadian Jazz Quartet Brazilian Reflections Cornerstone
  Mike Murley Septet Still Rollin’ Cornerstone
  Alex Dean At This Point Cornerstone
2009 Canadian Jazz Quartet Just Friends Cornerstone
2008 Richard Whiteman Live In Vancouver Cornerstone
2006 Mark Eisenman Quintet Apparition Cornerstone
2005 Pat Collins In The Moment Cornerstone
2004 Mark Eisenman Trio Sweet & Lovely Cornerstone
2003 Mike Murley Quintet Extra Time Cornerstone (7), (5)
  Jim Galloway Echoes Of Swing Cornerstone
2002 Murley/Occhipinti Duologue Cornerstone (7)
2001 Time Warp Warp IX Cornerstone (1)
  Don And Tom Vickery Double Take Cornerstone
  Barry Elmes The Five Minute Warning Cornerstone (2)
  D.E.W. East D.E.W. East Meets Nick Brignola Cornerstone
2000 Chase Sanborn Sweet & Low Brasstactics
  Mike Murley Live At The Senator Cornerstone (3)
  Dawn Caswell Dream Come True Independent
1999 Chase Sanborn Good To The Last Bop Brasstactics
  Richard Whiteman Avenue Rhodes Cornerstone
  D.E.W. East Introducing D.E.W. East Cornerstone (4)
1998 Time Warp Plays The Music Of Duke Ellington Cornerstone (7)
  Laura Gauthier The Journey Of L Little Boots Music
  Al Henderson Urban Landscape Cornerstone
1997 Mark Eisenman The Chant UP Records (4)
1996 Mike Murley Conversation Piece Cornerstone (5)
1995 Time Warp The Collection Cornerstone
1993 Al Henderson Dinosaur Dig Cornerstone
  Shuffle Demons Bop Rap Stony Plain (6)
  Barry Elmes East West Cornerstone
  Time Warp There And Back Cornerstone
1991 Barry Elmes Climbing Unity
1990 Time Warp Live at George’s Unity

(1) Winner of 2002 Indie Music Award: Jazz Album of the Year
(2) Nominated for an Indie Music Award: Jazz Album of the Year
(3) Winner of 2001 JUNO Award: Best Jazz Recording
(4) Producer and Engineer
(5) Winner of Jazz Report Award: Album of the Year
(6) Nominated for a CASBY Award
(7) Nominated for a JUNO Award

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